Bengaluru Calling - 18


Hello Salesforce Enthusiasts!!

We are a bunch of highly energetic folks & Salesforce enthusiasts. We happy to announce the World’s largest community-driven Salesforce Mega Event in August 2018!! The is Event is one a of a kind with a gigantic platform to accommodate Salesforce Partners, Customers, Developers, Admins, Consultants, Community Leaders, MVPs and community members.

The Big Picture
This is not just India’s biggest event, it is the World’s biggest event where community members join hands together on a common platform to contribute and exchange knowledge; Earlier-on we have spoken the power of Salesforce Ohana, but in this event you will actually get to see & feel the Salesforce Ohana strength & bond.

Who should attend this Event ?
Salesforce Partners / SIs – From all over the world, specially flying in for this event! – If you’re looking for a platform to showcase some of the complex implementations that you have undertaken, showcase your new product, your capabilities, branding, marking your presence in the sea of competitors, then this is your platform!

Salesforce Prospects – By Invite only WIT (Women-In-Tech)
An initiative started by the legendary Marc Benioff himself Salesforce Customers – At Salesforce we take Customers very seriously and we’d love to hear success stories from Customers – Hear about our Customers talk about some of the complex implementations done , some do & don’ts , Customer expectations - What better way of hearing Customer Success stories from the Customers themselves? We understand that customer expectations rise every day. And this is a great platform for Salesforce to be all ears to what our Customers have to say!!

Salesforce Professionals (devs, admins, consultant, testers, project managers)
With speakers who are veterans and masters of the field, your knowledge base will increase 3 folds, not to mention interacting with Architects, Evangelists, and special Speakers! Salesforce Leadership – We’ll have veterans peak to you about Students – Can expect to be hired by the Partners as there is always a crunch in the industry – this could be your chance to meet Salesforce Partners and get hired. This is also your chance to meet the community, experts and get guidance on your career.